Yesterday we all took a walk down memory lane and enjoyed some images from last year’s Christmas Card Sessions at Mistletoe Acres Tree Farm; the same place I’ll be holding my sessions this year.  But I would be remiss not to share the images from last year’s second location: Pond Meadow Park right here in Weymouth.  These families were SUCH A BLAST to work with and we seriously had the best time.  Take a look!


Could this sweet freckled face girl be any more gorgeous?!  Those eyes!  Ah!irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-day2-301

Last year I seemed to organically move into taking darker portraits – using the light in a more dramatic way instead of just going for the bright and poppy look.  I really love these deeper, more engaging images.  I try to constantly evolve through my art while staying true to myself as an artist and it’s been a really fun journey. irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-day2-308

I pulled Mum and Dad aside for a couple portraits of the two of them together.  I just adore this one of them laughing intimately together.  How

These two sisters were such a delight to work with again!


Everyone loves a little side-eye for their Christmas

I’m pretty sure out of all the people I’ve ever photographed, ever, these kids had the most fun:


A family with all beautiful girls…irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-day2-601

…and a family with all hilarious boys!irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-day2-672

This absolutely gorgeous girl and her beautiful pup did a great job. irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-day2-861irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-day2-887

My last family of the day came when the light was low and lovely.  They were such a beautiful family and I loved the colors they chose to wear.


I’ll end it with a girl and her Daddy.  Look at this gorgeous duo.  Oh my, this image gets me every single time.


The official Christmas Card Sessions this year are at Mistletoe Acres Tree Farm both days, but if you see this and you wish you had a session at Pond Meadow, we can always schedule a session just for you there!  It’s a beautiful spot.

I can’t wait to see what moments come out of the sessions this year!  Will you be there?  I hope so!  Click the contact button or email me at and we’ll get you on the list!





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Last year I held my annual Christmas Card sessions at Mistletoe Acres Tree Farm in East Bridgewater, MA.  It was such a delightful spot!  I never got around to blogging these because I always have to wait until the holidays to show them off (so as to not ruin the suprises for my clients).  And then in the New Year it seems like old news.  Luckily, thanks to popular vote, I am headed BACK to the tree farm this year so I get to show off some favorites!  Take a look and see just how much fun we have at these

I’m insane over this sweet moment between brothers.  And of course, that hat!irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-254irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-274irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-283

What kid doesn’t love being upside down in their parents arms?!irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-379

These two and their cuddly blanket snuggle make me excited for Christmas and warm blankets every time I come across this image.


I absolutely love it when the whole family gets in on the

One of the best from the day.  I grabbed that sign as a last minute addition to the sessions.  I thought, hey, why not!?  And these kids totally rocked it.  I love that the littlest brother is looking back and pointing at his parents.  This family was so great!irish-eyes-photography-christmas-2015-583

Plaid is always a great look for these sessions.  This sweet little one looked so beautiful and festive!


Bowties are always the right answer.  Especially on smiley babies.






This family.  So stunning.  So funny.


It was getting dark for the last session so we got to do some really fun stuff with lighting.  I love these sweet kids.


I am so excited for this year.  Last year I wasn’t sure if people would want to travel to the Tree Farm so I had the second day at a local park (I’ll share those images tomorrow).  This year, after asking my clients, I decided based on popular opinion that we’d go to the Tree Farm for BOTH days!  I can’t wait!  The property is gorgeous and I can’t wait to run around and play and create some great memories.  I hope you’ll join me!  While the majority of spots are sold out, there are still some left for both days.  These sessions are exclusive and limited so get yours booked today!  Here’s more about the event.

Hope to see you there!



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As you may know, there are supposedly guidelines for anniversary gifts.  Hallmark has the full list, if you’re interested.  Traditionally, the first anniversary is the “Paper Anniversary.”  The idea is, your gift has to have something to do with paper.

My sister Katie and her husband Chris just celebrated their Paper Anniversary.  Katie got Chris tickets to something awesome.  Tickets made of paper.  Well done.

Chris… well, Chris had me make Katie a photo album.  Sure, that’s a perfect and amazing gift anyway.  But this album was special.

You see, due to unforeseen circumstances, half of Katie’s wedding pictures were lost by her photographer’s assistant.  Luckily the photographer covered the entire event herself so 99% of the day was still there, just not as much of it.  Except one part:  the guys getting ready.  While the main photographer was capturing us ladies getting ready, the assistant captured the fellas.  Where the main photographer was with us the entire time, that meant all of those photos were lost.  Katie and Chris were obviously bummed.  Katie was really bummed.  She wanted to see that part of the day so badly.

Immediately upon hearing this news, Chris sent me a message and said, “I want to recreate it.  You on board?”  And I of course said yes!

With the exception of one of Chris’ brothers who lives waaay up north in Maine and couldn’t make it down, ALL of the guys showed up for Chris.  This unquestioning support within their group is astounding.  It’s truly a beautiful thing and I am so in awe of it!  While their suits didn’t match (as they did on that day), and the location was different (we used my parent’s basement/backyard which was where we ladies got ready but all the other spots the fellas went to weren’t available), the images from our setup are as close to the real thing as you can possibly get.  And even if every detail was somehow wrong, the LOVE was certainly there.  This was such an amazing thing to be a part of!

Here are some of my favorites:IrishEyesPhotographyMcGrathRedo2016-169



If you know Katie, you know about her love for dinosaurs.

So this happened…



And here is the entire gallery for your viewing pleasure.





Fellas, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU for doing such an incredible thing for my sister (and brother in law too!).  I am so honored to have been a part of this!  And if you’re not yet married, yes, you should hire me for YOUR wedding.  Hahaha





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