Recently my… hmmm… second cousin twice removed?… got married down South.  They had a beautiful fancy wedding and have been enjoying wedded bliss since.  Her mother, my…. second cousin???… decided they needed a party up here for all the people who weren’t able to travel to celebrate on the big day.  So they threw an intimate, more casual affair right in their hometown.  Close family and friends came and danced and laughed and it was an incredibly joyful night.  Now, second cousins twice removed would not have been able to get on the small guest list… but when certain second cousins twice removed are professional photographers, they’re able to be hired to photograph the event for an incredible family.  I’m so lucky I got to be there!


Aren’t they the most lovely family?!?!!?  At their wedding they had a local professional photographer so they didn’t need intimate portraits of the couple or families.  But I had to zip the immediate family outside for a couple shots.  The grounds of Anthony’s on the Green at the Pinecrest Golf Club were too lovely to ignore!


P.s. I love that the bride snabbed a more casual white dress for this shindig.  She’s wearing her original veil and came in on the same scooter (yes, you read that right, they entered their receptions on scooters), but the adorable shorter dress on this hot July day was the perfect switch.

So here’s the family connection: This beautiful lady below is my Mum (dancing with my Dad).  She is first cousin of the Mother of the Bride.  Making the Mother of the Bride my second cousin (I think) which I assume makes the bride my second cousin twice removed.  If you know whether my summations are right or wrong, I’d love for you to comment either on this post or the Facebook page because I would love to know!  Hahaha.IrishEyesPhotographyBurkeReception2016-476-Edit

Thanks for asking me to be a part of your special day, my lovely cousins! I had the best time!

To see more from this gallery, click here.  You’ll need to get the password from one of my cousins.  Removed or not.  Hahaha.



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A couple of weeks after your sitting with me is over, you’ll come to my home studio to view your pictures and place your order.  I have a large number of options for prints, canvases, frames, personalized designs, etc.  Ever since I added these albums to my offerings a few years ago, they have become my #1 seller.  It makes perfect sense; what a wonderful way to get all of your favorite images in one beautifully made, handcrafted, built-to-last place.  I am IN LOVE with these albums – every single one comes back so insanely gorgeous.  I am thrilled that my clients have these to show off in their homes, in addition to their wall art.


Every single album is designed for you, by me.  Gone are the days of picking images to suit the album; I build the album around your favorite images.


The full, layflat pages are my favorite feature.  While the image below shows the book slightly closed, the book lies completely flat so that image covers the entire spread, uninterrupted by a spine.


The albums are especially perfect for lifestyle sessions.  This session here was a twin newborn lifestyle session.  It tells the story of life at home with TWO new babies.  Including the all important task of making more coffee – sometimes interrupted by a spontaneous kiss.


There are several options for the album available.  Ironically, this is a 12×8 Lilac album; the only other time I featured images of a clients album online it was also a 12×8 Lilac album!  The Lilac turned out to be my most popular color option which I initially found surprising but I LOVE that people go for a color!


The rattle you see photographed is the gift that all my newborns (and teething infants) receive just for working with me.  It’s handmade locally, 100% natural and safe, and the amazing woman who makes them for me hand paints my logo on each and every one.  Incredible!



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Let me introduce you to the F Family.  My intern Anna and I had the BEST TIME working and playing with them in their lovely home.  We had a lifestyle session planned – which means we would be photographing everything photojournalistically.  We would follow them around as their day unfolded and capture them living their lives.  As soon as we arrived, Big Sister gave us the grand tour of the house and we got to see all the things that were special to her.  Little Brother had a great time crawling around and showing us the lay of the land.  It was a day filled with cuddles, laughter, a couple of tears (which some good snuggling easily mended), and lots of goofballery.  Yes, I’m declaring goofballery is a word now.

This session in all its loveliness speaks for itself in the images, so let’s take a look:

Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-284Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-252Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-266

The image below has some unplanned magic in it; Little Brother was playing and somehow seemed to get hurt.  He snuggled his Mumma and I caught this sweet shot.  Which is sweet enough on its own, but then look at the framed painting on the wall in the background.  I LOVE how they’re mirror images!  So cool.Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-307Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016 002Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-196Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-116Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-108

Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016 001Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-41Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-15Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-7Irish Eyes Photography F Family 2016-313

We’ll end on the one posed shot of the bunch.  This little ham had to get dressed up as a princess and pose for a few before the paparazzi left the house.

The F Family came to see their gallery at their viewing session and created a few different installations of wall art for their home.  Large scale pieces for their family room, the hallway and the playroom.  The great thing about it is, each installation has a different feel; playful images for the playroom, cuddles for the family room, etc.  It’s fun to create little stories for each space.  And to tell the entire story of this session, they bought a gorgeous album that they can open and experience whenever they want.

Thanks for such a great visit, F Family!  Anna and I had a blast working with you!!

-Kerry:) (and Anna too!)

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